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Born with spinal muscular atrophy, I progressively lose ability to control some aspects of my daily life. I used to feel that my life was meaningless until I owned an electric wheelchair to regain mobility and independence at my age of 24. On the day when the electric wheelchair was delivered to my home, I gingerly walked to a deli to buy a lunch box alone. The small step means a lot to me. I can start to envision myself as a wrestler who nimbly evades and bravely fights.


As moving around the town becomes less an issue, I ponder the question, “What is my purpose in life?” My first urge is to learn painting. Since then, I never stop sharpening my skills and mastering the techniques to create my unique artworks. A half-year workshop taught by the famous illustrator in Taiwan, Lucy Chen, affected my approach to frame a strong image by juxtapositioning symbolic elements to present the poetic reality and strong emotion. My talent of art began to blossom, and won several awards consecutively. The sense of freedom that painting gives me has guided me through the journey to reject the internalization of the social prejudice, redefine myself, search my new identity, and ultimately express my interaction with the world comfortably through art lenses.









More About Me

Awards and Publications


  • 18th Golden Eagle Award (2015)
  • 2nd Greater China Illustration Awards (2012)
  • 1st Prize in Painting , 5th Taipei Fubon Art Awards for People with Disability (2011)



  • Rebirth – Cheng Ling Solo Exhibition (2015)
  • Arts from View of One Meter: Universal Design and Art Creation Joint Exhibition, World Design Capital Taipei 2016 (2015)
  • Sensation and Perception – Cheng Ling Solo Exhibition (2014)
  • Young Art Taipei (2014)
  • No-R-Malization: the World of Art Brut in Japan (2014)


2010 繪本「看不順眼」榮獲臺灣繪本協會第一屆個人風繪本文學獎,佳作
2010 繪本「眼睛的房間」榮獲文建會第九屆文薈獎繪本組,第二名


2015 「重生-鄭鈴創作展覽」多扶藝廊,台北
2014 「鈴感、思維」,光之藝廊,台中
2013 「鄭鈴個人創作展覽──小小世界」,安和65,臺北


2015 「一米藝視界:通用設計與藝術創作行動展演」聯展
2014 Young Art Taipei 台北國際當代藝術博覽會,台北晶華酒店,臺北
2014 no-r-malization : the world of Art Brut in Japan原生藝術的藝術創作,Tile Museum,日本滋賀縣近江八幡市
2013 《有龍則靈 Dragon, Asia aspiring》,馥華雲鼎接待中心,臺北
2012 《第二屆中華區插畫獎》作品巡迴展,臺灣,中國,香港
2012 「纖纖入微」鄭 鈴x施怡如 雙人聯展,光之藝廊,臺中
2011 《Geisai Taiwan #3》,華山1914文創園區,臺北


Toza Toza 跟自已說說話 張老師文化出版
坐輪椅也要旅行 張老師文化出版
2014 榮獲衛生福利部國民健康署 2014「優良健康讀物」推選
2012 榮獲101年”好書大家讀”文學讀物B組好書推薦
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